Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hanging Wreaths on Windows Tip~

Hanging Wreaths on Windows~

Every year I love the look of greenery wreaths hanging on windows and I always get the question, "how do you hang your wreaths on the window?"'s a simple little gadget you can pick up at the Dollar General Store. I believe they are 2/1.00...
I have never lost a wreath using these suction cup hooks.

Here is another method I have used...

Using Ribbons, Florist Wire Or Fishing Line to Hang Wreaths on Windows

Put a piece of ribbon, florist wire or fishing line through the top of the wreath forming a loop and tie a knot at the end. The length of the ribbon will depend on your windows and at what length you want the wreaths to hang.
Now lower the top window sash enough to slip your wreath out. A nail or a screw cup if you want a nail, in the top edge of your interior window casing will hold your ribbon or wire loop. You could also loop the ribbon around your window latch and then shut it close. The ribbon or wire gets hidden from inside by curtains and wire and fishing line do not show outside.

Hope these tips help to make your decorating much easier :) 

Happy Decorating!



The only and only Lady:

I have a glass door (storm door) on our house and I can't hang my wreath on the regular door because there isn't enough room between the two I got the 3M removable hooks to hang my wreath on the glass far so good. The hook has been up since Sept and even with the cold weather it has stayed...just another idea for hanging wreaths on glass!!

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