Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cute Summertime Vases

I love the idea of taking something I have sitting around the house and turning it into something new to me! I made these cute summertime vases after seeing them somewhere in blogland. I can't take the credit for the idea but wanted to share the idea with you..I appologize for not remembering where I saw these :(

These could be used for candles as well. I made the blue one for my daughter who is doing a bathroom in the "beachy" theme. I am thinking some of these in red at Christmastime would be wonderful center's on my to-do list anyway :)

This is the paint I covered really well. I have a lot of paint left over!

I want to leave you with a couple of other paint projects I have recently done with things sitting around the house...ohhhhh the power of paint!

This coal bucket was ugly! It was rusty and about to be tossed into the trash! It's been sitting in the garage or basement for years..getting moved from one place to the next. I'm so happy it stuck around..I love it sitting next to the fireplace with my favorite catalogs!

These candlesticks just needed a facelift. They went from a brownish/red color to this. I'm enjoying the new look for now. So before you toss something out because it's "out of style" or you are just plain tired of it..try a can of spray paint. You will be surprised how something drab can be tranformed into something fresh and new.

 Happy Painting!!
Beth :)

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i love the way the mason jars came out :) i've been wanting to try painting one from the inside to keep the shiny finish, we'll see :)


Hi Beth! When I seen these on my sidebar, I had to come to take a closer look! You have done an incredible job transforming these ordinary mason jars into a work or art. The coal bucket is awesome and the candlesticks are beautifully done! You are amazing!


Love the mason jars!

Cherished Bliss

I love some spray paint!! : ) Looks great, ove the mason jars! Thanks for linking up : )


Isn't it amazing what a little bit of paint can do. . . make everything new! I love them all!


VERY fun idea, maybe I'll go snag the glass jars (just like those) that I have in my yard sale boxes back out and keep them after all!

OOOH Gold or silver for Christmas would be pretty with red flowers! :)

Maya @ Completely Coastal

The vases are so pretty. I think I'm going to do that..., I have lots of glass jars in my cupboard. And I love the starfish wrap!!

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