Monday, January 24, 2011

Old night stand gets new paint...

My New Year's Resolution was to get organized in 2011. I have been cleaning, purging and organizing. Finding storage in my home is difficult...apparently, the person responsible for the plans of my home which was built prior to 1900 didn't plan on a lot of closet space. I have been told it's because many families used amoir's..I don't know the reason but I have to be creative when it comes to storage since my closets are small. Sorry..I sort of got of track here :)....
This past weekend, I started switching bedrooms around..of course, I couldn't do that alone so I had to have the help of hubby (he gets a little nervous when I get a bee in my bonnet!). Some rooms have got a fresh coat of paint during this process. I wanted to move this little bedside table to the room I plan to use for the little the pink had to go! I think it turned out cute and quite an improvement since it has been used and abused by my daughter.
Sorry about the photo quality..I am by no means a photographer..ha. The new color is called "clear blue".
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I know what you mean about old houses and storage - definitely have to be creative! Your new nightstand colour looks great too!

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle

It looks so clean and fresh! I'm redoing a nightstand myself.... did you put any top coat on it?? like a Poly or Varnish?? The one I'm redoing is for my teenage son and I'm thinking I might need to add something to protect it from teenage abuse :D

Kim @ Second Time Furniture

Looks great!


So beautiful:-)
Hugs, Biljana


Very pretty!


WOW...what an undertaking! It looks great, you did a such fabulous job. Yeah, my New Years resolution was to get organized too, I'm sorry to say it hasn't happened yet. Good for you following through!


Hey Beth! Love this little night stand! It looks so pretty! Sorry I am just now getting back to you on the color I used on my little vanity re-do...I got it at Home Depot, It's Martha Stewart and the color was called Artesian Well.
Love your blog!!


LOVE this redo! Thanks for sharing on Thrilling Thursday@ Paisley Passions. Hope you stop by again soon.


It looks so fresh now.



Fabulous job, Beth...I've been organizing as well...just haven't made it to the studio yet!

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