Monday, December 27, 2010

Finally~Christmas Pictures

I am so late posting these pictures of some Christmas decorations around our home. Warning..pic heavy!

This is our huge tree (9') in the living room with red and gold decorations

This is our "family" tree. All the baby ornaments and special ornaments the kids have made for me go on this tree. We always buy an ornament when we are on are some of my favorite ones. I love the santa dough ornament the children of Aruba make to raise money for their school. I love the Maui surf board and colors of the Cozumel ornament.

The mantel was in an earlier post but I have changed some things around since it was family laughs at this..each time they visit..something is moved :)
One of my favorite pieces is the antique school desk..the school house quilt was handed down to me by my granny..her grandmother quilted it. It is beautiful..I love it.

This is the family room decorations..the walls look orange but they are actually "brick".

......and of course, the stockings :)

I hope I haven't bored you all..I know everyone is ready to move on to the new year and pack away all the Christmas decorations :)

And the stockings belong to these little sweeties :) Well...sweet most of the
I learned trying to take "Chuck" the truck away was not a good idea at the time..thus the reason for the frown! I love this picture because it wasn't planned in advance..we gathered them up from playing..surprisingly it turned out this good :) 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family or families. I always want everything to be perfect and almost kill myself to make it happen but when it comes down to doesn't really matter as long as we can all spend this time together. I know I won't change my's who I am :)
More than anything..I just want to make it magical for these little people who won't be little very long.




I love to see what others do to decorate for Christmas. Your tree is beautiful and your children are precious! What a nice family you have!

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